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Linda C. Thompson thrives on moving between very different worlds of endeavor. Her degrees reflect the multiplicity of her talents.

  • BA in American Studies with concentrations equivalent to degree requirement in Psychology, Philosophy and Literature.
  • MA in creative writing
  • MBA in organizational Behavior and Finance

Linda is an internationally recognized writer, actor, singer, consultant, and business person. Linda has held senior corporate positions in information systems and human resources within Fortune 50 companies. She has started successful firms in management and organizational development. She has published a variety of fiction and non-fiction works. She has also performed with legendary actors of stage and screen. Linda grew up in Beaumont Texas and currently resides with her husband in Southport Connecticut.

You will find Linda in such prestigious publications as: Who's Who International Business, The Ultimate Professional Directory, 2000 Notable American Woman, Cambridge VIP honors edition, and she was named the Professional of the Year for 2008.